Barry Holmes, Owner Zoom ltd, London:
“Michael has paradoxical talents and skills which make him one of the most enigmatic people I know. He is straight, direct, honest and uncompromising and warm, funny, creative. He has incredible insight to see through business problems and opportunities to get quickly to what really matters and is open to the views, opinions of others. He is relentless, resilient and focused, never stopping until the goal is achieved and he cares a great deal about supporting and developing others. His achievements at BSH where we worked together were inspiring. I have worked all over world with some of the smartest, driven most successful people, but no one else gives me that feeling of anticipation, curiously and challenge that I always feel going into a project or meeting with Michael.
I suggest you only work with him if you have real ambition to create something amazing, are up for having everything you think challenged and can appreciate a very special brand of Anglo/German humour.”

Steve Caunce, COO AO World plc:
“Michael has been assisting us in our European expansion and has provided valuable insights into the markets we are working in and those we are looking at for the future. In addition to this Michael has provided leadership coaching to our teams to better equip them for the challenges ahead. He has quickly become part of our team and we really enjoy working with him.”,,

Matthias Ginthum, Chief Markets Officer (CMO), BSH Hausgeräte GmbH:
“Mr. Steinle has a very broad international experience and acted very successful for us in various markets such as Germany, Northern Europe, Baltic countries, Great Britain, Ireland and North America. He identifies himself in an exemplary manner with the assumed responsibility/task and realises the agreed goals intensively and very determined. A good ability to analyse and judge, creativity and flexibility affiliate to his quality profile. His far above-average perception allows him to find the best possible solutions for the achievement of the goals in a very short time and to accomplish the implementation. He has a reliable sense for that which is important and essential, works well-planned, methodically and very thorough. Mr. Steinle is a professional and personally competent collaboration and negotiation partner. Over 20 years of collaboration in various management functions connect me with Mr. Steinle. I especially appreciate the fact that, besides professionalism and determination, the sense of humour is not neglected.”

Wolfgang Eitelbuss, Managing Director, Lighthouse Marken-Navigation:
“I have known Michael Steinle since the 90ies, a fairly long time. We have not worked continuously together, but on and off. It is his open attitude to approach people and topics, which has always appealed to me over the years. He emanates confidence, thinks refreshingly new, shows attitude and acts unyieldingly in service of the cause. Because these virtues suit very well to our picture of the lighthouse, I look forward to future joint projects.”